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Interactive Digital Board iBoard – Innovation – Interaction
30 days free posting for new subscribers
iBoard Smarter and easier
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iBoard creates an interactive board experience from mobile to digital boards. The user uploads their post on the mobile and web application then select a location to have it displayed. Once approved the post goes live at the location.
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Digital Board The digital boards will be placed on public places using smart TVs to display all the posts. To setup the digital board as an institution, you can register by clicking login on the top right of the site and share the digital board by using the digital view link on your smart TV.
Outstanding Features THREE PLATFORMS

iBoard has three platforms: mobile application,desktop, and digital board.

Digital Board

The digital board will display all the posts uploaded by the users.

Mobile app

The mobile application will allow the users to upload events and other type of posts.


This platform let the administrator of digital board accounts to login, approve posts and update preferences.

Environment friendly

Saving the planet by reducing the amount of paper wasted. Paperless campuses

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The company was created by Human-Centered Computing developers. We know and understand what people like and how they interact with media. Our company brings a great innovation, interactive media has become important with reaction to every action; iBoard understands it and would like to develop it. iBoard is an innovation accessible to anyone and everyone. iBoard has many other opportunities that can evolve from the application in the future.
All new subscribers receive a 30 day free posts to any digital board. Their posts will be available free of charge on the digital board for the 30 days period from the subscription date.
The cost per post can be subject to change. All payments are being made using Paypal.
For any jobs or internships inquiries please send an email with your resume and cover letter to
Inspiration We understand the new digital era and are improving the known paper pin boards. The iBoard concept resolves few issues such as bad layout of papers on the board, loss of important information and the lack of data tracking for those posting and those viewing the posts.
Designing The digital board is publicly placed for easy access with an interactive layout. The desktop has more features those with accounts. The mobile app is handy. The three platforms are synchronized and live updated.
Environment friendly iBoard helps reduce the amount of paper used to post events using paper pin board. iBoard lets the users utilize technology to reach further than they can walk or drive to by posting around the world without using large amount of printed papers.
What our customers say
Please share your feedback with us over once we receive some feedbacks we will put those over that section
Video The iBoard innovation lets you post from the comfort of your mobile to any digital board available. The digital board administrator accepts or rejects the post based on their requirements and the post will be automatically posted on the digital board. The users can see their posts history and notifications about their posts on the mobile application.
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